Promote your products & services to Australian Pharmacies

■ Fax & email broadcasts to Australian pharmacies

■ Recalls & advisories faxed & emailed to pharmacies

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Fax & email advertising to pharmacies

Our fax and email service is an extremely cost-effective way to market your products to Australian pharmacies.

Over-The-Counter products for pharmacies and chemists, new pharmaceuticals, pharmacy-related services, whatever your pharmacy-related product or service is, we can broadcast your wares to our list of Australian pharmacies and/or send a recall or alert out to our larger list of Australia pharmacists.

Good old fax still works in the pharmacy industry because pharmacies still rely on fax for prescriptions and signatures. We've been faxing pharmacies for over 10 years, and it still impresses us how well fax marketing to pharmacies works.

Many pharmacists have asked us to send them email instead. So we packaged up both fax and email into a campaign to cover as many pharmacies as possible. The pharmacist email list grows daily, and is fully spam-compliant.

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fax to pharmacies
fax to pharmacies

Recalls & Advisories

Recalls, advisories or safety alerts are not subject to the Do Not Call law so we can send these to all of our fax and email list to give you the best coverage of over 6100 pharmacies, including many hospitals and pharmacy departments.

Also, we can create an online form on a "landing page" where pharmacists can fill out any appropriate information that you need as part of the process. This can be collected into an excel spreadsheet, saving you hours in manual data entry time.

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Other Services

We can also assist you with the following services:

■ Fax, email or SMS broadcasts to your OWN list.

■ Data matching and data appending with your own list.

■ Simple website with order form creation and hosting.

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