Pharma & Over-The-Counter product marketing & promotion

Services we offer you include:

■ Fax broadcast to Australian pharmacies via our fax list
■ Email & SMS marketing to your list

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  • Fax Broadcasting To Pharmacies

    Recalls, advisories, media releases, deal sheets, order forms. Pharmacy is one of the few industries where fax still works.

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    SMS Marketing & Mobile Marketing

    We'll blast out a text message to your list of subscribers via our SMS platform. Or talk to us about list-building ideas.

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    Email Broadcasting & Marketing

    We can broadcast a fancy email or a plain email announcement to your opt-in email list. No email list? Come talk with us.

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Can we interest you in a package deal?

If you're interested in all or any of our marketing services, let us put a package deal together for you. Simply call Kerryn on 1300 722 940 or email us with what you need

fax to pharmacies

  Download our free FAX template!

Don't have a clue when it comes to designing a page for a faxout? Or simply don't have the time?

We have created a fax template specifically designed for a faxout to retail pharmacies, that you can download for free and edit as you please. It contains boxes for you to put your product details and wholesaler/product codes, plus a faxback form, which we have found tend to work well when faxing to busy pharmacists. But you can add or delete or reformat to suit your layout.

Download Now!

Interested in a fax to pharmacies?

If you need more information on our fax campaigns, you can view our Pricing & Info page. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries.

Our clients include...
  • GSK
    Reform Pharmacy
    Link Health Care
    Trade Talk
    Unique Health Products