Media M Group is operated by former radio broadcaster and producer, turned marketer and company director Kerryn Marlow.

A brief background: Kerryn Marlow and Associates was formed in 2001 after Kerryn's foray into web and email publishing, first launching, which was the only Australian site to be picked up by (then) US portal and lifestyle giant KMA was a very successful email marketing and electronic publishing company which expanded into web publishing and then list broking, after requests from clients to help build their own marketing lists.

Kerryn Marlow & Associates became Media M Group in January 2005.

Media M Group decided to drop list broking in early 2016 and focus on fax marketing to pharmacies, along with email marketing and SMS marketing, specialising in pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products.

Media M Group parent company is SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd, which also owns:

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