Free Fax Template To Download and Use

FAX Template

Don't have a clue when it comes to designing a page for a faxout? Or simply don't have the time?

We have created a Powerpoint fax template specifically designed for a faxout to retail pharmacies, that you can download for free and edit as you please. It contains a faxback form, which we have found works well to get fax replies from busy pharmacists. But you can add or delete or reformat to suit your layout.

Once you are done, simply SAVE to your PC then email it to us, and we can send you a free test fax to see how it all looks with your livery on it. You will need to have Microsoft Powerpoint to edit the document.

Download Now!

If you just don't have the time to for this, simply email us your images and text, plus business details, and we will create your document for you for a small charge of $150 + gst.

Interested in a fax campaign or need more information?

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