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Reach thousands of Australian pharmacies quickly and cheaply!

We take care of the whole faxing process for you. Don't underestimate fax! It can work very well with pharmacists because they are usually right near their fax machine. Talk to us now about faxstreaming to chemists around Australia, or the States and banners of your choice.

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Why Choose FAX Marketing To Pharmacies?

Fax marketing may be considered old hat by trendier marketing folk, but for promoting products and services to businesses like pharmacies, it can work very well, as busy pharmacists tend to use their fax all day, and will likely see your message! Our pharmacy fax list can reach over 4200 retail pharmacies for promotions, or over 5300 for recalls and alerts.

  • Free FAX Template

    Use our free template, and we'll broadcast your message fast via our fax server. Or let us create it for you.

    Reach Pharmacists

    Whether you need to send a recall, safety alert, or a promotion, reach thousands of pharmacies!

    Increase Sales

    Pharmaceuticals, personal care products, product lines specific to pharmacies, get it into the hands of pharmacists.

    Cost Effective

    A faxstream to retail chemists can also get a quick response. Plus we'll give you a telephone list to follow up your fax.

  Download our free FAX template!

Don't have a clue when it comes to designing a page for a faxout? Or simply don't have the time?

We have created a fax template specifically designed for a faxout to retail pharmacies, that you can download for free and edit as you please. It contains boxes for you to put your product details and wholesaler/product codes, plus a faxback form, which we have found tend to work well when faxing to busy pharmacists. But you can add or delete or reformat to suit your layout.

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Our Pricing Options

Unlike our competitors in this space, we DO NOT charge setup fees nor have minimum orders. We take care of the whole process for you. All you need to do is email your Word document or PDF to us. Pre-broadcast tests are free of charge. Please find our pricing table below. Note that we do welcome corporate accounts for regular broadcasts, so if you are planning to do regular fax campaigns, please ask about our corporate rates and 30-day billing options.


$420+ GST
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  • Do Not Call Register WashedYES
  • Number of Faxes (1 page)4200 Approx
  • Media M Group Marketing To Pharmacies can fax out your document or relevant fax advertisement to around 4200 Australian pharmacies and retail chemists who are not on the DNCR. For 1+ pages please ask for pricing


$530 + GST
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  • Do Not Call Register WashedNO
  • Number of Faxes (1 page)5,300 Approx
  • Let us fax an urgent product or device recall notice or product warning to over 5300 pharamcies around Australia. Pharmaceutical recalls are not subject to DNCR legislation so we can fax to all numbers on the pharmacy database. For 1+ pages please ask for pricing


15c per page+ GST
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  • Do Not Call Register WashedINCL
  • Number of FaxesPOA
Interested in a campaign or need more information?

If you need more information on our fax campaigns, you can view our Pricing Options or Visit our FAQ Section for more information. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries!

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